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The Church: His Bride

As sons and daughters of God, we take the New Testament model of sharing life with other local believers very seriously. We are committed to one another and are joined together by our common love of our Savior and also by our shared mission. We are a community on a mission: to see lives changed by the transforming power of the Gospel to the glory of God!

The Importance of Involvement in a Local Church

The community of the church is the context where the Gospel can have its transforming effect! We see our lives changed through teaching, worship, fellowship, and service – and, in turn, we are able to go into the larger community and share the good news of the Gospel to change the lives of non-believers! Dwelling and participating in the community of our local church is vital to growth in our individual, personal relationship with God and in maturing in godliness and holiness as His called disciples.

We believe it is important for every Christian to belong to a local church, where we may be known and know others in sharing our lives together with other believers. Being a part of our specific community means committing to sharing life together, pursing God together, and serving and loving one another according to God’s Word.

Church Planting

We are committed to the mission of the Gospel to transform lives – specifically through the means church planting. Because Grace Community Church was planted by others, we are passionate about furthering the Gospel through church planting in other communities. We believe that the church is the primary means of ministry to the world and is a visible expression of God’s Kingdom in our lives. To this end, we partner with other churches to send individuals on plants, we support plant-teams, and we team up with Sovereign Grace Churches.